One more for the collection...

One advantage of being a pirate is that your eyepatch makes you even more fashionable at parties... and always prepared for photobooths ;)

Elections Update

Meet the newest presidencial candidates.
Because smelly emigrants' votes should count.

New Job

Someday I might have time to finish posting the pictures of our trip to the Colorado Plateau. Meanwhile, I am too busy doing now what patients need next. Here are some pictures to prove it.

The adorable welcome sign at my desk

...and that welcome pole, in front of my newly installed bench space,
that the maintenance guys probably felt wasn't too much in the way

Company picnic at an amusement park

One of the many lunch meetings with delicious free food and presentations

Mid week lab outing to the lake for inspiration

Just another ordinary Friday's meeting,
with Alex flaunting his pretty birthday butterfly balloon

Playing with fire at the best team building event ever

Party Crashers

And, for the third consecutive year, we crash another VIP party. It's official, GTC is now my favorite conference of all times, and I've never even attended it.

Donut wall and other deserts

Word play and space exploration

DJ Matt Haze is in da house

Maria João Pires

Late night in San Francisco, watching a fellow countrywoman performing at the San Francisco Symphony, followed by cocktails and oysters at Absinthe.

Drones World Tour

This year's birthday present? An amazing concert by Muse at the Oracle Arena.

New Year's at 30ºC

And here we are at Playa del Carmen, possibly the electronic music festival center of the universe. This is what happens when you unknowingly travel to a place that holds not one, not two, but three!!! music festivals while you're in town!! And during NYE no less... The best part? They're beach festivals!!